It is a lot easier for me to write about Arjun because his character is very similar to my father. He is loving and in the beginning a bit weak. He sometimes does not really know where to go and lets others drive him. Arjun almost needs a strong woman like my mother (and his own mother) to guide him. Over the course of the novel he develops and becomes stronger. One of his flaws is that he pulls out of the relationship with my mother on frequent occasions. As soon as he feels competition from Samir he does not fight. He accepts. Only later, he finally turns his anger against my mother. He is a hard-worker, successful and takes a lot of responsibility. When he is old, he turns into a bit of a nut, drinks and smokes but he is always a loving father.

If Arjun was played by a bollywood actor I would love to see Imran Khan or Shahid Kapoor in this role.






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