Damian is not only my uncle but he will also be my father-in-law soon. As per Indian tradition I shall move to the house of my in-laws soon. Damian is a real Aussie man with tattoos, white skin and blond hair. He loves fishing, motorbikes and loud music. I can imagine him young on a surf board or scuba diving but when I met him he had been a bit more settled already. He came to our house often when I was a kid. Then we moved to Mumbai and we could not hang out so often. What I would say about uncle Damian is that he is a lot deeper than you would think at first sight. He needs a few drinks (kingfishers) before he opens ups but then he can actually be quite chatty and charming. I would say he is a manly man with a soft touch. My sister Leyla told me he cried at my mum’s funeral. Well, that shows how much he valued her friendship and that he missed her.





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  1. pomadness Avatar

    Very nice piece Angie : )
    I wish you explored it a bit more though, you’ve got great material! Or are these just sneak peeks?

    1. Angie Avatar

      Thank you Clara,
      Yes, so far I am only giving introductions to the main characters. I wonder if I shd already give a few more hints on the story but we can probably wait until the book is ready…:-) VMS

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