Feeling blue or red?

We all have days where the weight of the world is upon us. Since I left full-time employment and started up my own company these days have become a lot less. However, yesterday I had one of those days. It started with early news on killings in Gaza. As you know, i hardly ever get political on Twitter but I just had to comment on it (at 6 AM before my first coffee). Then I made the mistake of looking at my bank account during the month. Naturally in the early months of a start-up money is an issue. I calculated that if I continued to have earnings as planned I will probably be bankrupt by 2013.

Then I shot out a premature email asking people I know to join this new site that I have created to market my novel www.viviennemsharma.com. Obviously, a very engaged colleagues needed to give me her feedback that made me believe I had no idea about how to build up a website / blog or social media for that matter.

To make matters worse I went to a party of my former employer and met a lot of people I truly miss in my life right now. Once I had given them my business cards and ventured for a few steps on the dance floor I realized how tired I was. My life is not stressful but I have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. I went home early with about one frank left in my pocket.

In the mail there was a letter that I might get some reimbursement from a delayed train ride in Germany. The rest featured a lot of advertisement. I started writing for another hour, was unhappy with the outcome and went to bed. This morning I slept longer than normal, then I wrote for a few hours. I added some infos and pictures to the website, added an article on my blog and checked an issue with an e-book. I remembered that I have had days like this before where learning something new had completely overwhelmed me and when you venture into the world of writing there is a lot of new stuff to learn.

The only lesson I learnt from this is that sometimes you need to try it again. If you have a bad day, relax, do something different, go out party, meet people you like. The next day, the sun shines again and hope comes back.

With that said feel free to hug me. Need it!







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  1. pomadness Avatar

    No way, your website is not crap! Ok, so it wasn’t perfect but hey, feedback is there to help us out. As writers we need constant feedback to improve, we constantly use it (with editors, betas, colleagues). It’s a powerful tool, but its not meant to bring you down, although I can understand why it does sometimes!

    I like what you’ve done to the website. I think you do have a good idea what you’re doing! Hang in there! : )

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