I am about to faint

Last night I had a few glasses of champagne after an important event. On my way home I received an invite to send Ranbir Kapoor a friend request on Facebook. I still do not know if it is genuine or if in a few weeks I will be spammed, my computer will be full of viruses etc.

I told him that I have the perfect role for him (Raj). Once in a while believing in magic has helped. So what if he is the real RK? I could tell, I was a bit excited about this idea. He is such a big star and I am now one of his groupies. He replied to me. I have had the same excitement when I joined Twitter and could suddenly send messages to stars. At the end of the day he is also just a human being who wants to bathe in the love of his true fans once in a while. So maybe he really wants to have those fans and if it is not him this person is really convincing.

Maybe one day my biggest dream will come true and I will write a screenplay for the bollywood movie of “Double Happiness” and then I will ask Ranbir to show me some cool moves.

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