Lara, my godmother is easily described. She is a doctor who travels the world, half Austrian, half American. She smokes, hardly sleeps and she usually jogs in the mornings. Lara wants to succeed. She never feels good enough and has a difficult relationship with her father, Mr. Nashville, maybe because she is the first doctor in the family. She loves her mother but in the novel her parents hardly appear. Lara is a quiet heroine. She steps up to help others when the need arises, she saves lives, helps the poor and whatever happens she stands by her man. She falls into a depression once but she is a strong woman. She learns everything about the Eastern medicine while she lives in India and later she even builds a new hospital in Alipura. In Part 4 she is mainly traveling to find my sisters but there is also a time where she helps the soldiers and freedom fighters.

If Lara was featured in a movie I could imagine Franka Potente for this role.







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