A Masala Love Story by Vivienne M. Sharma

“Double Happiness” – Abstract

“Double Happiness” is a like a bollywood movie, a masala of love, action and family drama. The story is told through the eyes of Vivienne M. Sharma, daughter of Vivienne, a Swiss woman and Arjun, an Indian man. Part 1 is mainly set in India but also other parts of the world (Switzerland, Tunisia). In Part 1 they meet for the first time and after a long chain of adventures and after connecting their lives to many other people, they finally spend time together. In Part 2 Vivienne needs to help her ex-husband Samir who is held hostage by a secret service. Vivienne’s best friend Lara and her partner Raj, the prince of Alipura get drawn into the affair and while they would like to help become prisoners as well. In Part 3 the friends are trying to find a mysterious spy who is connected to the secret service that held them hostage earlier. Political drama and family issues are intertwined now. In Part 4 Vivienne M. Sharma, the daughter tells the story of her youth as a motherless child which gets even more stirred up by an attack on Mumbai in April 2035, the start of World War III.


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